Why Working Alone is dangerous to your Success

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Among the biggest problems people have in attaining their Goals is that they get discouraged, distracted or diverted from the final result. Given the level of cultural noise the majority of us experience today, it can be extremely difficult to focus on what has to be done. I find myself torn in several directions, less because I am attempting to do than having valid responsibilities that pop up.

So, how do we handle these situations? For lots of us we try to power through what is happening. We try to get it all done at the exact same time it would take to do a quarter of what is landed on our plates. We try to go it alone. We work long hours and be exhausted, unable to get anything done, much less all of it.

In these situations the common factor is often that we are working alone. We are working on our Aims alone. We are working on our duties alone. We’re working on the solutions independently. That’s one of the worst things we could do, even if we don’t have any extra stuff competing for our attention.
Here’s three reasons why working alone can ruin your Success.

You don’t have any support system. Working on your Goals without external support or help keeps means you are subject to all the ups and downs and emotional insecurities without somebody to keep you grounded. Some people can handle this sort of thing alone, but it is too easy to get sucked down a path of negative thoughts and paralyzing anxiety. Unless you have someone else to support you.
You have no one to hold you accountable. Success is often made up of small, consistent daily actions that you keep on doing, day after day and week after week. When something happens to dissuade you, it’s easy to skip those daily actions today. It’s easy to sleep in. It’s easy to take a few days off to get away from the stress. On their own, none of these things are enough to kill your Success. What kills it is not getting back in the saddle after that break. It’s too easy to allow the break become the norm, not the exception. For those who have someone that holds you accountable to your daily actions, it’s harder to disappoint them than accept it in yourself.
You don’t have any one to bounce ideas off of. You might think that’s not important. After all, you’ve got your targets and your Roadmap, You’re motivated and ready. Too often though our ideas and plans have holes because we just can’t see them. We made them, but we generally only see the advantages that go with or result from these plans and ideas. Someone who’s a sounding board for you will often see what you can’t. They’re not emotionally invested and they frequently bring a different life experience when looking at your plans. That type of experience is invaluable when you’re getting started. It helps you to avoid issues that would otherwise delay or completely derail your plans and future Success.
Unless you are a hermit or a desert monk, you’re normally surrounded by people who support you, hold you accountable and will assist you with your ideas. If you’re in a marriage, then it’s most likely your partner. If you work in a regular job, it’s your boss and co-workers. If you’re in school, it is your teachers, professors and fellow students. It’s everywhere we are and everywhere we go.

For many it is probably fear. We are afraid our ideas will be stolen. We are afraid others will try to hold us back. We are afraid we’ll be laughed at or ridiculed for what we are trying to do. This can bleed over to our everyday lives too, but for the most part, we do not work on our marriage, family or job by ourselves. We recognize that we’re part of a larger whole and need support from others.

So why do it when it comes to our Goals and future Success?

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