Get off the couch

1. Chuck all those fashion magazines away

First things first, you aren’t striving to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle to look a certain way or to become a certain body size. Nobody is made of the same mold – everyone’s body and genes differ. Whatever body qualities you have, embrace them and be proud of them. Quit reading magazines where every version has photoshopped images and have unrealistic beauty standards. Grab yourself some health related books or magazines to read on to know ways to make better health decisions.


It’s always good to have a workout partner with you if it’s a friend, partner, family member etc.. Having a workout partner is a good idea because you can pump up each other and keep motivated if one of you doesn’t feel like working out.

3. Load your iPod with motivational songs and lectures

Make another playlist of motivational and inspirational songs that would pump up you for an awesome workout. YouTube is filled with Palm Bay Raccoon Removal motivational speeches related to workouts which can keep you running on the treadmill for hours or running in the park early in the morning.


It’s always best to build a good relationship with your trainer. Your coach will push you harder and motivate you to finish that last rep of squats or a 30kg bench press. There are many people who go to the gym and never bother to even have a conversation with their coaches and just do half hearted workouts and depart. You will be twice as likely to stay motivated in the gym knowing that there is someone watching over your exercises.

5. Workout as soon as you can

Head to the gym directly from work instead of going home because once you’re home you will feel lazy and will not feel like going to the gym. Most companies have their own gym, so take complete advantage of that as well.

6. Set an alarm

Set a workout alarm and reminder on your telephone so you don’t have any excuses of “forgetting” to workout.

7. Find something that you love and substitute it for a work out

Fitness Devices Dumbbell Treadmill ErgometGyms aren’t for everyone and that’s OK because there are different options which you can take such as yoga, Zumba or swimming etc.. All these are body toning actions and you end up feeling more energized after doing them.

Bonus tip:

It’s a given that having a healthy diet goes hand in hand with a busy lifestyle but every now and then if you miss a day of a workout or eat something unhealthy, do not let it make you feel guilty and give up. Everybody slips up, you just have to be persistent. And who said, a few cheat meals here and there aren’t permitted?

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