Easy Homemade Costumes

Can you see yourself as marginally creative but sewing isn’t your thing, just like to save a $1.00 or $2.00, then this is the post for you. We’ll discuss 5 ways to accommodate that little black dress, simply, by using a hot glue gun. All it requires is a little spare time, imagination &
A feeling of fun.

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Do not despair if you don’t have a black dress, you could always check out the local thrift or chance shop. Based on the character selected, start looking for a style that’s simple and plain in style and sits either over the knee or 1/2 way up the thigh. We’ll describe in detail what manner of dress is necessary and also keep in mind none are floor length.

You’ll have a gamut of personalities to select from such as; a Gangster woman, French maid, Flapper, Firefighter & Dracula’s vixen all of which you can use to your next costume party.

Costume Idea 1: Gangster women are usually known for their pinstripe ensembles, however here we will use a sleeveless black dress and incorporating the accessories to complete the costume.

Dress adjustments: use either an A line or directly V neck dress (with sleeves or sleeveless is fine) and include a white collar (if you’re handy, from an old shirt) or keep the neckline as is.

Costume Idea 2: French maids are usually considered very feminine with their frilly dresses & high heeled stilettos.

Everything you will need: black dress, Raccoon Removal, little frilly apron, lace headpiece, black fishnets, stilettos & feather duster (optional).

Dress adjustments: use a V or round neck dress with sleeves, add gathered lace around neckline, sleeves and hemline by stitching or gluing.

Costume Idea 3: Charleston flappers were women from the 20s age, along with
Gangster’s moles who were proven to titillate lots of the mobsters by occasionally singing & flaunting their sexual appeal in nightclubs and so on. Both wore similar fashion dresses adorned with tassels & accessorized with beads & boas.

Everything you will need: black dress, charleston feather headpiece, feather boa, heaps of contrasting beads, black fishnets & stilettos.

Dress adjustments: use sleeveless black dress; include 3 layers of comparison fringing. Begin the 1st row along hemline, measure between every layer which makes them equal distance apart.

This will make your dress really stick out in the audience.

Costume Idea 4: Firefighters are the men and women who rescue lives & property and the area is traditionally male dominated. They have the character of being very manly and may be the envy of any woman. Here we’ve put a twist on things and have generated a hot female firefighter, which will get a lot of men heartbeat racing.

To make rings for the sleeves of the dress only cut 2 strips all 13mm wide fluorescent yellow & fire engine red vinyl (vinyl) cloth, available at most haberdashery shops. Quantify & paste 2nd row of yellow cloth approximately 10mm apart, repeat with 2nd sleeve. You may also try cutting & gluing 2 additional strips (same colors & width as mentioned above) and attach to the neckline. Measure and keep the exact same distance apart or simply maintain the neckline plain.

Costume Idea 5: Dracula’s vixen conjures up the picture of seductiveness, darkness & mystique; however with this costume we’ve added a hint of sexiness.

Dress adjustments: use a black round or V neck black long sleeve shorts, cut the hemline and sleeves jaggedly.

Hint: Be careful not to change the length too much, since you do not want it shorter.

By using any of these designs you’ll certainly be the hit of the party, so why not give it a go and you’ll have a costume to store that may be used over & over again.

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